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another farewell

hey everyone! i haven't been very active here in a while, mostly because i temporarily started posting icons to another journal, knifecontrol. well now, i started a new journal over at vicelike and i'd love for you guys to watch the comm.

some of my older icons from squaresided are here, but a better representative of my icons now can be found here. my style has changed a lot since november :o

once again, thanks for supporting me during my time here, (and to emily for inviting me to post here!) and i would love to see you guys over at vicelike :)

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as i'm sure some people are aware, i haven't been overly active here lately. mostly due to the fact that my real-life sort of took over, and left zero room for icon-making, etc.

that being said, i do still want to keep posting icons, though not as often as i used to. but i don't really feel this is the place for me anymore.

i've started a new icon journal at fourequal, and if you're still interested in seeing some of my icons, feel free to watch that community. as of now, i won't be posting to squaresided.

fourequal fourequal fourequal

thanks to everyone who has commented here in the past. hopefully you'll stick with me at the new comm!
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#8 Request Icons & Final Post

I am so sorry these have taken so long and I haven't done most of them. I live in a new house and have no net access except on my landlords comp, so only when I go to my parents house can I make icons, and only when I come back here can I upload them. I did make these ages ago.
Also, I feel I need to admit defeat- I cant make icons regularly anymore and it's not fair to be part of a shared journal when that's the case, so I'm going to set up a new icon journal, which I cant guarantee will be updated very often, but which will not require you to comment or give credit to me. Icons are about fun, I'll be honest and say I'm not very good at iconmaking- there are a lot of way more talented people out there, so I'm just going to remove my ego from the equation. I dont know what the journal will be called yet, so if you have any suggestions- please speak up.
Also, if I make any icons in the interim, or finally decide where to go, you will find updates in my personal journal.
Thank you for having me, and apologies again.

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1-24: The Office
25-41: Pushing Daisies
42-52: Britney Spears
53: Secret Diary of a Call Girl
54: Chris Lowell
55: Billie Piper
56-57: Private Practice
58-59: Friday Night Lights
60-65: Heroes
66-67: Jared Leto
68: Gaspard Ulliel
69-73: Penn Badgley
74: Cobra Starship

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